Monday, November 9, 2009


I just finished a spiritual seminar last weekend to fill in some requirements for school. It was a full weekend and was bombarded with ideas and concept that generally hope to make each and every participants good boys and girls.

The speaker showed a film about some father and son and it really made my heart cry. Very apt for someone separated for almost a full one and a half day from his wonderful cute children. I terribly missed the three boys and vowed that I will be very very patient and tolerable to their actions as they were still children wanting to know a lot in this world.

So I was there sitting, smiling, remembering their faces after that tearjerker of a short clip. I really missed them and was excited to see them all on Sunday. Oh how I missed them!

Sunday arrived and was told by Thelma to wait at a cute restaurant near my school to get a quick early afternoon brunch and tell stories with the kids. Wearily tired, I saw them and carried Paco smiling as I listened to Andres' story over lasagna and hamburger bites. Ponso just woke up and was quiet, looking far. They all look like angels I thought. When we arrived home, they are in their "Lord help me make it through the evening" best trying to do whatever they want to do, again. Wearily tired from the seminar and still nursing a little hangover from last night's end of the seminar partying, I never made it through the night peacefully. I got freaking mad at Ponso for opening the fridge and asking to open everything inside. I got pissed with Andres asking thousands and thousands of questions. Paco was like a top covering our small living space endlessly running around balancing and disarranging the clothes in the closet. Fucking anarchy ruling the house again with these individual little shits, I said.

So I lie down to rest trying to escape the riot.Then I felt a sharp pain that made me cry again, as I got hit, with a hard object. Thelma hit me in the head making me take the shit again for being stupid and downright insensitive towards the children, again.

So much for the fucking dramatic film. Reality bites.