Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rotating Infection

It was a lethargic week for us as we fell prey to the deadly unseen killers that float around us waiting for that instance when one gets his body defenses down. It is the Rotavirus.

Seen under the microscope, it is wheel-like in appearance, thus the name 'rota.'

It first infected Paco when he started to vomit after every feeding time and was followed by watery diarrhea. It was a fucking messy sickness as he pooped and barfed everywhere in the house. While Paco was recovering (hoping that it would be gone in two days), Ponso went down with the same infection as he barfed all around the area then just lied down and stared at the distance, dehydration setting in. He then continued barfing then watery diarrhea that made him wear diapers again to prevent him from soiling himself.

Ponso looked pitiful as he lay there in bed for three days not eating anything, just staring in space waiting for the virus to leave his body. It was only on the fourth day that he was relatively back to his own self  jumping and shouting and starting to irritate me again, but only after losing weight.  Paco still has his barfing fits but he is back to his old young self walking and causing havoc around the house.

It was then my turn when I experienced stomach spasm, then that watery diarrhea, then a slight fever. Its the third day and I still have the aftershocks. shesh. Good thing the two boys are recovering well.

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