Tuesday, March 16, 2010

floating reality

It must be the lifestyle adjustment.

I am a bit floating with the coming summer vacation just around the corner. And it is a bit scary, I have to admit. I am not used to the joys of life’s responsibilities that requires more of my time for others. Dealing with the three boys, for one, and doing mundane daily chores that I do not want to treat as a burden, but as life as it is.

I am a bit floating walking restlessly in the streets trying to regain back my former carefree life even for a fleeting moment (and I am sitting here in a bar I frequent years back when I was not minding responsibilities and shit). I am not even sad, just floating restlessly.

I do not question the responsibilities that go hand in hand with parenting and the joys and the pains that go with this reality. It’s the present situation and reality and how I should accept and face it that I am questioning, I think.

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