Monday, August 9, 2010

I Heart Robin-Mariel

Last Saturday, while inside a hotel room looking after Paco, I saw a snippet of entertainment news showing Robin Padilla stating his love for Mariel Rodriguez. It gave me that light feeling of becoming a fan for their love team. No shit. I am officially a Robin – Mariel tandem fan (after surfing the net to check out their history like former wowowee clips and that fateful Robin statement). Robin gave her a ring and she showed it and wore it on public television.

So I patiently waited for Sunday for all the showbiz shit to air on tv and excited to check the latest and complete story behind my favorite love team. So there was Boy Abunda on late afternoon with KC and Charlene and that Robin-Mariel interview. So Mariel interviewed Robin why he gave her a ring (a stupid question, but it somehow fitted in the whole context of their love team, or is it for real?) Then Paco started speaking in tongues. First slowly and quietly then becoming louder until it reached fever pitch with matching jerky body language as I carry him, just in time when the essentials of the interview was unraveling and Robin coyly saying that he loves Mariel in public. Fucking all I understood, or saw before the scene closed was Mariel crying beautifully while Robin hands her a tissue, or a napkin, or a toilet paper. Shit.

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  1. Haha. Hilarious! Children have their way of saving us from ourselves! Haha.