Friday, September 24, 2010

spider fights

Okey, Beyblades has been the rage in our home for the past months with Andres, Ponso, and Paco having their respective spinning tops battling in the green arena bought in Divisoria. An original will cost you a mean 600 pesos (which Andres got as a gift from his grandparents and Tita Hana) or 40 bucks, almost the same looking tops, from the magical Divisoria, depending on your take on IPR laws. I have to admit that I enjoy watching their battles and how they learn the value of sportsmanship. But just last week, as I walk along Commonwealth Avenue, I saw a group of boys huddling and bargaining for something. Then it dawned on me, Spiders! Shit, my memories came back when I would bring my matchbox spider house in school and ask for a spider fight in our school football field.

So I was like god to the sellers and the little boys as I bought 10 pieces of these spiders, excluding the matchbox houses, and shelled out freaking 40 mean bucks! Thats a lot of fucking money. I rushed home and excitedly showed the boys my latest acquisitions. I was not dissapointed seeing their eyes light up and jumped up and down, up and down shouting to the high heavens for a spider fight. Even Paco was wildly grabbing the stick arena hoping to crush the tiny fighting spiders with his bare hands.

The spiders from Masbate are priced from P2.00 - P10.00 depending on the size, the weight, and the ass width. I felt like a big time spender wasting my hard earned cash on these web shooting fat-assed spiders. For P50.00, you are in for culture, tradition, and fast-paced web wielding butt kicking action.

Ponso felt brave letting the spider walk all over him. Paco wants to crush them, and Andres thinks they are like Beyblades. I cannot wait for our next Spider Fight session.

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