Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Its definitely a ride for a person like me who have many look-a-likes in a given space and time of my mortal life. I would like to present the time line when I first received that "you look just like ..." comment from people through the years.


It was the "Bagets" era and I was a bit on the slim side at the time. Must be the adolescent hormones acting up maintaining my body metabolism that is just about right. Overheard at a school fair in St. Paul QC, "He looks like Aga Muhlach."


I was in Cagayan enjoying my Batil Pattong noodle preparation with a friend when the two young waitress, speaking in Ibanag, started giggling. They mentioned that I looked like Nino Muhlach and my companion whispered that I go along with his story that I am actually a relative of the actor. We got our breakfast for free!


The year that I started teaching. Students were calling me Hiro Nakamura of the now defunct, i think, hit series "Heroes." It must have been my haircut that time with a spiky do that merited that comparison.


So far, two students already mentioned that I look like this character

and this Gangnam Style guy is fast catching up on their vote as another of my look-a-like.

I think its reality knocking telling me to do something to at least become a look-a-like of this 2012 Hot Property Actor.

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