Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Andres and Mr. James Brown

Michael Jackson died. And our Vigan tiled floor was never the same again. Andres wants to learn how to do the moonwalk ala-Michael Jackson circa early 1980s when he rocked with you with everyone in his sequined white glove and flowing dance moves. I only know how to Walk on the Moon as sung by The Police.

Andres would watch the MTV channels to catch a glimpse of MJ’s moonwalk moves then discuss the cause of his death and contribution to the world. Not wanting to remove his nascent interest in music, I would segue my Michael Jackson opinions to what I think is more essential to the music world, James Brown.

I told him of a great man named James Brown who redesigned the landscape of dance as he grooved to his soul funk groove breakout style. A good singer that bridged the color divides between black and white America of his time with his style.

I thought he just let the spirits control his body for his funky steps in an oido manner but he actually named his dance steps and even had a video clip to save it for future James Brown wannabes. I’m glad and it is not only for Andres but for me as well. I feel good!

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