Wednesday, September 23, 2009

learnings from my student

I need a complete overhaul in terms of relating with the boys.

I cannot keep up with their energies specially in the early evenings when I come home from school. I think they still act normal for their respective ages with Andres and Ponso relating by ganging up on each other for television control or who gets to transform the fucking Optimus Prime into a truck or a robot. Its a mystery how they always, I mean always, want to transform the fucking Optimus Prime at the same time and space. Why most of the time, I see the robot just lying down on a pile of toys while the two of them just sit down and drink their Yakults. Why can't they want to transform the Autobot at different times? I get ill-tempered with that situation and gets to release negative energies that I am sure affects the boys in a definitely negative way. I also feel bad on how I handle such situations and how I react to their antics.

Man, I was looking for some answers to this situation, meditating, and contemplating over bottles of beer while checking my students' reflection papers on their experiences being with less privileged children. One said: "At first, I got tired trying to control these children telling them the do's and dont's while they continue to disobey me. Then, I learned that what is important is to really just be with them and play with them. After that, it all became easy."

I have to read more reflection papers.

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