Thursday, October 14, 2010

Andres the Revolutionary

Andres loves to read and discuss history. He always watch History channel and ask questions about Hitler, Stalin, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, WWII, EDSA and the US-MArcos Dictatorship. Everytime he ask questions on these topics, especially during dinner, the table becomes my stage and the stories, my heartfelt lines like what I did during the 1980s discussion groups (dgs)on the fundamental problems plaguing the country with coed students in my best effort straight Filipino makata but consciously pa-cute style trying to sound and look intellectual like the late Lean Alejandro or Nat Santiago of the League of Filipino Students (LFS)(Is Nat still with the LFS?).

One time, Andres started rattling about the injustice why only rich people can enjoy the vista of San Mateo, Rizal when I told him about Timberland Countryclub. His heart fell when he saw the badjao children begging beside the Manila Bay seawall then he angrily pointed at the Manila Yacht Club with its high railings and wave breakers and asked why not everyone can use the space while it occupies some part of the bay. I felt proud hearing him speak that way and at the back of my mind, wonder if he can be someone who can be part of the growing movement of people who wants to change Philippine society for the better. One time, he asked for the symbol of the former USSR and I excitedly explained to him the hammer and the sickle representing the workers and the peasants united to establish a more humane society. Then we focused on why the Philippine society is such that the rich gets richer and the poor getting poorer.

We then discussed the different classes in Philippine society, who the enemies of the people are, and how the proletariat, the peasants, and other progressive classes and sectors can free the country from foreign domination, Landlordism and backward agricultural system and relations, and the systemic graft and corruption in the government. Andres at 9 years old understand that it is US policies that keeps our country abnormal and our people poor and not his American cousins who sends him Hotwheels and toys and most of his branded clothing apparel.

With his wild imagination, it is interesting that he always include the marginalized in his plans, in his dreams, and storylines. He even wrote a comic strip reminding me of class struggle, between the rich and the poor, which, the rich eventually won due to their high powered weapons. I think we should next discuss the idea of Sama-samang pagkilos, mass base building, and the protracted peoples war.

But in the meantime, his favorite song right now is Travis McCoy's "Billionaire" featuring Bruno Mars.

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