Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evening Mayhem

For the past two weeks, Ponso and Paco always get into my nerves every night for doing the Pogo on the bed. Paco normally would be in bed drinking milk by 8:00 pm then Ponso will run inside the room and will dare Paco to jump up and down the bed shouting gleefully like in a peyote induced state. They only stop when I bring Ponso out of the room and Paco recovers his calm and continues to lull himself to sleep. It is bedroom anarchy bordering on madness. They do not fucking listen. I beg, shout, then helplessly just watch the two of them bounce up and down. Its tiring all right that while I remind myself that they are only young once, I also think of the bed springs that get altered because of their pogo jumping, and the mayhem that transpire every evening. The evening scenes remind me of this Madness song Baggy Trousers.

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