Saturday, January 2, 2010

bloodied but unbowed

It was a full day as we prepared to attend a party in the late afternoon with the three boys in tow. They had the whole of morning and lunch to do their stuff at home wrecking and putting things in disarray. But Ponso went a bit far as he doubled his effort to cause chaos in the different spots of our humble home in the guise of “clean fun.”

The three boys did not sleep the whole time that might have caused that extra surge of their energy like a battery before it dies out or a bulb before it poof its way into oblivion. Anyway, there they were, three little bastards running around doing their own rowdy antics and we have to prepare for the party. Ponso, as stated earlier, was already showing signs of restlessness not listening to orders. Hell do I campaign for a law against corporal punishment but my experiences with the boys sure gives me second thoughts on my stand on the issue. He was reprimanded and was asked to stand in the corner. To no avail, he was then dealt differently with a gentler approach of just asking him to sit on their inflatable red elephant and watch the telly with Andres.

Five minutes and he was a goner sleeping with his Invictus-like posture of a “bloodied but unbowed” red elephant conqueror slumped dignified in front of Spongebob Squarepants trying to put one over Patrick Starr.

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