Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plants vs Zombies part 2

Ponso made me laugh out loud yesterday as we rolled through the grocery aisle checking out real food for our week's food supply. He was sitting in the grocery cart calmly when he started to freak out and shouted "there's jalapeno! Jalapeno!" And I said "what the..." then laughed remembering jalapeno's fire power to blaze them marching zombies to oblivion. Then he pointed out Garlic! then squash! while shouting out their names like it was him who has the sole patent right to name these vegetables (who are prime operators in the plant vs zombies wars.)

Next he was on a lookout for "Cherrybombs" but there was no fresh cherries so we checked out the aisle and found bottled maraschino cherries. Cherry bombs!

He was however unconvinced that it was shrooms I was holding due to its texture and dried, pathetic look. So we prowled again and saw mushrooms, mushroom picture in a can. There were no wall-nuts but the local peanut variety readily made up his complete cast to defeat his zombies.

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