Tuesday, January 19, 2010

plants vs zombies

It was Ponso who first raised the level of zombie appreciation in our home when he got hooked in the computer game Plants vs. Zombies in Thelma’s office one time. He has this focused fixation to defeat the zombies using different plants that could either spit peas, explode like landmines, and do other tricks to beat the shit out of the zombies who are hell bent to eat your brains out.

The zombies look adorable and whimsically cute as they try to eat you while you plan your lay-out in your garden or backyard or roof (depending on your level) to fortify your defenses and collect suns and coins for bonuses and purchases of equipments for zombie extermination.

We also watched Zombieland and had a few laughs and fun seeing the walking dead invite humans to join their posse by goring their mortal brains off.

It was when we got a copy of the computer game that zombie love reached a new high in our home with Andres and Ponso making them stars in their story world with an all star cast of zombies as defined and described by the computer game. They know the different types of zombies by heart and embrace the different zombie capabilities and strengths like their own. Ponso would shout “Michael Jackson!” whenever the dancing zombie would come out and raise its back-up dancers from the abyss of limbo. Andres is motivated to finish his school assignments earlier to get that chance to bludgeon the zombie imps and reach the dreaded Dr. Zomboss who, I think, is the overlord of the zombie world. They imitate the zombie walk and how the plants blow their pea missiles.

I am at level 4 of 6 at the moment and is still struggling to get the right combination of plant purchases for that balanced defense needed to stay in the game. We cheer each other as we blow zombies to damnation while Thelma tends the backyard hoping that the praying and water plants survive the projected el niño phenomenon that will hit the country starting this summer.

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