Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creeping Digicam Addiction

Everytime I go out with the boys to visit a place or run some errands, I always make it a point to bring the digital camera for that magical or photo worth moments waiting to be captured and documented for whatever purpose it may serve the boys. I have this urge of getting their best angles and cutest smiles to brag in the internet. I have plenty of pictures stored in the computer and in the CDs still to be reviewed or appreciated.
There was however one recent incident that makes me think of my creeping digital camera addiction and my felt insecurity when I do not have it with me.

Two weekends ago, I accidentally left the digicam at home and felt naked facing the activity filled day that I believed would spring in a couple of good photo opportunities for the boys especially with activities like bowling and wall climbing. Just the same, we continued the scheduled activity and it was the first time for some time that I did not feel burdened waiting for that split moment where I can capture that perfect shot. It was just me being with the boys and enjoying the present moment playing and playing. I can still remember how Andres would run towards and foul line and throw the six pound ball. I can still remember the feeling running after Ponso when he carried the ball by himself in his attempt to throw the ball.

The digicam for some time imprisoned me with its power to capture and preserve the moments. I was trapped with the thought of getting good pictures for posting in the internet and forgetting the actual enjoyment of the moment. There are times when I get angry because the boys do not pose well, or are not in the mood to smile. That really defeats the purpose of having a good time with them. Even Paco, the innocent looking 3 month old baby gets into my nerves when he continues to bubbly up his saliva while I intend to take some cute snapshots of him!

Yes, it’s about time to lay-off and relax with the digicam for a while. Time to regroup my sensibility and put into perspective my creeping digicam addiction.

March 17, 2009

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