Sunday, October 18, 2009

milk balls and bottles

Its been a breeze so far for the past three days with the application of a new sleeping time guidelines imposed on Ponso to prevent him from barfing all over the bed before he completely falls off to sleep. The barfing act, while we deem uncontrollable on Ponso’s part because of his coughing brought about by different factors, affects our sleep routine, and our sanity, because it entails an overhaul of the bed spread, immediate laundry work to clean the mess, and plenty of movements that disturb our normal sleeping pattern.

The policy limits Ponso’s milk intake to one bottle while lulling him self to sleep to ensure space in his tummy to avoid vomiting when he coughs. His newly constructed sentence as an aftermath of the implementation of policy before sleeping is “One only, dede” (Dede refers to a milk bottle while ‘milk’ connotes milk drink in a

While Ponso tries his very best to limit his “dede” at night, he redirected his palate to a new passion that he aptly dubbed as “milk ball.” It is a delicacy discovered as we scoured the candy stalls of Galas Wet Market for the delicious pianono sweet bread. The “milk ball” is a dessert made of what else, but milk, shaped into a ball. He would raid the refrigerator in the guise of getting a Yakult drink but his eyes intently searching for that sweet milky ball hidden in the cold jungle storage.

March 10, 2009

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