Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feeding the Tsunami Waves

Babies are wont to do crazy things and get away with it by virtue of them being babies. One crazy thing is to cry their heart out to get attention, at 3:00 in the very early morning (It is not even morning morning as people normally associates the morning). The cows are still actively jumping over the moon and the witches can still take their time perfecting their magical brew potions.

I sleep beside Paco’s territory and is the nearest to react to his immediate demands that borders from a milk bottle to attempted escapes from his pen. While his escape attempts seem futile at the moment, Paco would resort to bawling bouts that threatens the peaceful slumber of his brothers. If my tactic of stuffing Paco’s mouth with a milk bottle fails, I would get some books and throw it inside his mosh pit so he can maximize the quiet solitude 3:00 am mornings can give to budding booklovers.

Last time I did that move, a tsunami hit the Indian Ocean separating the fish from the sea.

August 18, 2009

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