Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Jerks and the Boys

Last night, we went to My Brother’s Moustache to pick up my long overdue The Jerks Anniversary T-shirt from Chickoy. The boys were able to enjoy the Quezon City night scene as we worked the streets looking at the neon and LED lights flickering and lighting the night sky. I was so excited to play the two Lokal Brown CDs I got from Recto in the car stereo but was again overpowered by Andres’ neverending stories of his planned inventions in the future and how his class selects its leader (him being a group leader, he said). In detailed fashion, he described the step-by-step selection process and the job description of a leader. All that while I patiently waited to get my turn in the listening space and play ”Pay U” and discuss the relevance of the song in spite of its recording 15-16 years ago.

Ponso in the meantime would force himself out from the seat belt to act as an inspector as the gasoline boy fills up the gastank with 100 pesos worth of unleaded gasoline. Paco is in his slumber best wearing a new pajama as he cuddles up with his nanay in the back seat.

Only Ponso and me went down to meet up with Chickoy, and Ponso, ever observant, immediately pointed at the stage and the TV blaring and started shouting, “Music! Music!” It reminded me when we brought Andres to Mayrics one time and he went straight to the drumset and hit it with whatever stick looking gadget he found lying near the stage.

My Brother’s Moustache looked cozy enough to expose the boys to good folk and rock and roll music and its no smoking spot I think will make it bearable for the boys to enjoy the folksy ambiance and their french fries as I gargle my beer.

March 6, 2009

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