Sunday, October 18, 2009


Is it called repost?

I copied and pasted almost everything i have typed in my old blogsite to this site to give me my peace knowing that it is already in this one site and I have no need to put on a link from this relative newsite to my old site to access my old blogposts. Fucking merry go round thoughts giving me a vertigo this early in the morning. What am I trying to say?

The blogs with dates at the end means that it was written or posted on the said dates , in the old punk rock tatay site, er, to give me my peace, that it was not wasted time writing them and not being accessed because it is in the old site. Er, never mind. It was tiring doing it though and I am at peace after doing it.

I've been out for only two days and I am already like this, or is this my usual self? fuck, I miss the boys.

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