Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ponso is 3 years old!

Ponso’s 3rd birthday celebration last June 1, 2009 was eclectically fun as the unplanned party was made memorable by the antics of the children just being themselves.

We just ordered some food from a catering service to minimize the tiring effort of preparing and cooking the food before the party but it was good and delicious! We purchased 7 balloons colored blue and yellow and just decorated it with some cars stickers and bought notebooks with environment friendly messages to feed the minds of Ponso’s visitors. the cake was provided by Tita Lorie and Tito Gillette with a Winnie the Pooh statue from cousin Hallel’s past birthday as a decoration. His simple invitation had an Animal Mechanicals picture on it.

Then they played a body placement game using a world map where they step on whatever continent was called by game master Andres.

Even Paco enjoyed his nap while Ponso’s event was unfolding.

June 3, 2009

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